What We Do


Dogs enter our program from some pretty tough circumstances.  Many are pulled from high-kill shelters in their last hours.  A network of intrepid and passionate volunteers help get these dogs out of harm's way, to temporary fosters, and then transported here to Southern Oregon.


Upon arrival, dogs are fully vetted and evaluated. While we are not a medical rescue, many of our program dogs require substantial treatment.  These breeds are incredibly resilient and most dogs make complete recoveries.


All dogs begin training and behavior work from day 1 in our program.  These dogs are genetically high-drive and require clear communication of rules and boundaries to be successful.  The length of their stay varies from a minimum of 3 month to as long as a year, depending on the individual dog.

Our goal is to provide the training necessary to secure these dogs jobs in law enforcement as single, dual, or multi-purpose K9s, or with SAR handlers or teams where they can provide much needed services to their communities. Those dogs who "wash-out" or are otherwise unable to work in those environments are made available for adoption to qualified individuals.  Please see our Non-working Dogs page for those dogs. 

We are not a traditional rescue and so rarely take medical cases or puppies. However, we will often take dogs that show aggressive, reactive, destructive, and otherwise extremely unmanageable behavior. We also take dogs with bite histories. Because these dogs have been bred for generations to have extreme drive, when untrained and left to their own devices, the result can be a very powerful disaster. Many of these dogs can be entirely successful in public work when provided the proper training.

If you are not a representative with a professional organization and are inquiring about adopting one of our available non-working dogs, you will be asked to fill out an application. A program coordinator will contact you for a phone interview. If approved, we will then set up a home visit. Each of our dogs has their own unique, individual personalities and our goal is to find a perfect match for the dog, as well as for you and your lifestyle. All non-professional placements are made by way of an adoption contract and a $500 tax-deductible donation to the program.